Trademarks are one of the most valuable assets of a company. No-one appreciates that more than ABO IP. We provide a proactive and strategic approach from the preliminary stages to the filing, with the provision of full availability searches, classification and documentary analysis and preparation for filing.

We monitor publications in the Official Industrial Property Bulletin, we monitor third-party trademarks, and we prepare administrative petitions. We also undertake a strategic analysis of the client's portfolio to evaluate possible weaknesses and redundancy, for the best possible protection of clients' rights.


Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs. What is the best way to protect a company's innovations efficiently?

ABO IP develops the best strategy to protect your inventions and innovations. We perform patent searches and operate evaluations prior to filing, in order to ensure that all risks are fully understood, and so that the filing can proceed in the most efficient way possible.

ABO IP monitors the prosecution procedure during the life of the patent at the Brazilian PTO from the filing to issuance, and ensures that all fees are properly paid.


Assistance in filing applications for software and integrated circuit topography at the Brazilian PTO, as well as analysis to expand the scope of protection of the created product (and not just its source code).


Our work can assist your company in monitoring your trademarks in the 'virtual world', defend and maintain your rights against possible violations, including the maintenance of a portfolio of domain names.

We offer not only “web crawling” devices but also complete online investigations.


Together with “web crawling” and online enforcement, we also offer physical enforcement both in the high street and at the borders. Services range from the surveillance and tracking of counterfeit products to product authentication, depending on the needs of the client.


Drafting of terms, revision of contracts already in progress involving intellectual property assets, registration at the BPTO for the proper remittance of royalties, or legal assistance for franchisees and franchisers.


Registration of copyright is not required in Brazil but it is often extremely useful, particularly when disputes arise. We can assist in all matters related to copyright, from consultancy to registration.

We can also evaluate strategies to detect any infringement and implement the most cost effective enforcement.


When all the possible avenues to settle a dispute have been explored and exhausted in the extrajudicial sphere, or if they are not practical in the circumstances, then we can bring matters to court quickly and effectively; whether it is annulling a BPTO decision in the Federal courts, seeking an injunction to stop infringement before the State courts.

The office is situated at Rua Sete de Setembro, 55, 15th floor, Centro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ – 20050-004, which is located near to the Brazilian PTO headquarters, and the State and Federal courts.

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